Brick City Breaks Vol. 1

by Force One Networkz

Released 2007
Released 2007
Breakbeats of a variety of styles ranging from aggressive to amazing.
Brick City Breaks is the first of 25 volume series of breakbeats paying homage to the legendary ultimate breaks & beats series that launched the whole meat of hip hop's producers and deejays, so I felt it was time someone gave a tribute to those joints, so here it is {brick city breaks vol. 1} Some of my tracks are most definitely original, even some of my sampling techniques are unique. My sole purpose for this series is to enlighten upcoming producers on the basics of producing and on the vast field of innovation that has been explored by very few hip hop producers, I have been producing for about 28 years now, and I believe that if everyone knew the absolute basics of producing, they would be incomparable and neverending in their production skills. I hope that when people listen, they get something beneficial out of this project. Enjoy!